5 Easy Stylish Space Savings Storage Ideas to Enlarge Your Room

Decorating and organizing a small apartment is always an interesting challenge to make it cozy and spacious.

Surely this is not hard as it sounds, we just need to be creative and smart to optimize every inch to its maximum potential.

Here are 5 easy space-saving solutions to help you make your home airy and stylish.

1. Space-saving multi-functional furniture

When the space is limited, we need to make the essential pieces work harder. A flexible multi-functional storage unit will save both your space and money. 

For example, this foldable two tier side table – it can be a sofa end table, a coffee table or a bedside for your lamp, drinks, phones, books etc, whenever you need it. It’s flexible to move around and easy to fold flat when it’s not in use.

Moreover, two trays can be used separately to serve food and drinks. 


2. Make full use of your wall

Making the full use of the wall is always the best way to keep your space roomy. A hook peg is a wise option to easily apply to any of the wall space you need, no matter it is big or small.

One hook peg is flexible for a single spot to hang up your mirror and jewelleries and a few pegs in a row in hallway would be handy for your hats, coats and bags.

Made of solid oak to provide stability and classic look.


3. Put your pantry and kitchenware on display

Having a small kitchen with lots of kitchenware? A kitchen utilitarian shelving system will help to organize messy kitchenware with easy access.

All the cookware take large storage space, and you know the trouble to get the pan you need when they are all stacked inside a cabinet.

So why not free your cabinet space for smaller items by store pans on a pegboard?

It has all different colours to match your kitchen, and a well organized stylish pegboard could be part of your kitchen design, adding space convenience in the kitchen.

Pegboard for kitchen wall storage  


4. Storage on the wall shelf

Installing shelves on the wall not only you can make good storage and free up the room space, but more importantly, storing personal collections and decorations like books or photos, draw sight upward so that makes the spaces bigger.

This no-drill wall shelf is easy to hang up and remove, adding stylish and space to your home.



  1. Organize your tabletop

An untidy desktop will make the whole room looks busy and messy. Get yourself a stylish desktop tidy to keep clips, keys, jewellery and other small items hidden and organized. A clean view will make your room looks spacious. It’s perfect for your desk, hallway table and dressing table. You will be amazed how the small change can make a big difference.


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